Things we have to give up when we start a new business…

I started working in 2007 and have always tried my best to be financial responsible.  After paying all the bills, students loans, and putting money aside for retirement; I usually still have enough to put into my savings account as well as buying some fun things for myself.

I have never been one to splurge on expensive designer clothing or Louboutin shoes.  My only shopping vice is that I like to treat myself to a couple designer handbags a year.  I don’t think that’s too bad considering all my shoes are under $60 and I buy most of my clothes at the outlet.

Now that I’m a start-up business owner, every penny that I make from my office goes right back into the business.  For the first time in my life, I have to ask someone else (in this case my husband) for money, which is TOTALLY depressing because I have worked very hard in school for many years so I can avoid this situation.  Of course we had talked about this arrangement prior to opening my practice, but he still makes silly comments every time I ask him to transfer money into my account.  I now try to itemize my credit card spending every month so I can feel more legitimate when I take his money.

Sadly, this whole zero income period means that I have to give up all the little luxuries that I’m accustomed to.  Instead of getting a pedicure every 3 weeks I got it today for the first time in 4 months.  The last haircut I had with Eric from Global House of Hair was last December.  And designer handbags??  I highly doubt my husband will have any sympathy for me with regards to those 🙁

Anyway, this is what I’m coveting right now



Chloe Marcie Satchel


We had a mom that came in two weeks ago with this bag.  I was soooooo jealous.  I just have to keep working hard so that maybe in a couple more years I can start bringing money home again.  Until then, I have to just suck it up and stick to what’s already in my closet.