Skin Care in Sunny Vegas

When it comes to skincare, I’m definitely on the lazier side.  Besides cleansing, moisturizing, and applying SPF in the morning, I really don’t do anything else.    I have had facials and microdermabrasions but I never see or feel any difference on my skin afterwards.

Since I have very pale skin, I always try to avoid the sun as much as possible.  In my twenties I started developing little freckles on my nose and upper cheeks.  Now that I’m approaching my mid-thirties and have gone through one pregnancy, I am starting to notice darker and larger pigmentation on the rest of my face.  The fact that I now live in sunny Las Vegas doesn’t help either.  I am sure no one else notices them but to my eyes they’re very obvious and ugly.  As with most people with light colored skin, I know the spots will only worsen in the years to come and timely intervention is definitely needed.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Valhalla Med Spa for a consultation for Photofacial.  This is a laser procedure that supposedly will get rid of pigmentation and fine lines.  My mom has some friends who have done it and it worked miraculously on them.  According to them, it’s relatively painless and affordable so I felt ready to dive in for it!

To my surprise, Lynette, the aesthetician at the med spa recommended against it.  She said that for someone my age where the spots are just starting to surface, photofacial may actually work to my disadvantage and bring out more pigmentation.  She wanted me to wait another 15 years before I even consider it.  Instead, she recommended me to try Skinceuticals, a skincare sytem that supposedly will chemically improve the quality and clarity of my skin.  She seemed very knowlegeable when it comes to products so I bought the system right then and there for $240.

It was such an impulsive buy that I felt terrible and started having regrets on my way driving back home.  I typically do extensive research on everything I purchase and couldn’t believe I swiped my credit card just like that.  Of course as soon as I got home I turned on my computer and googled what I just bought.

Pleasantly impressed, internet search revealed Skinceuticals to be a reputable skin system with excellent reviews by women using it  which made me very happy and excited!

The Skinceuticals Brightening System consists of quite a few bottles of products which seemed like a tedious task for the first couple of days but got easier once I became familiar with them.  It doesn’t come with a cleanser so I get to keep using my Cetaphil.  Every morning I use 4 different products and every night I use 2 products.  It also comes with a bottle of Retinol which is to be used once or twice a week.

To my amazement, after just 10 days of use I am actually starting to see results.  My skin has definitely gotten softer and has regained some of that clear pocelain appearance that I had in my teens and early twenties.  My pores seem to be more refined.  The little patches of skin around my nose are usually a little oily and develop whiteheads often.  After about a week of using the system the oily skin started peeling in pieces and the new skin now has smaller pores and no whiteheads.  I have not noticed any changes in my sun spots but according to their website it takes about 12 weeks for pigmentations to fade.

Overall I am very happy with the system.  It costs $200-300 (depending on where you get it) which is not cheap but it’s supposed to last six months so I don’t think it’s that bad.  Hopefully in another 8 weeks I will see some dramatic results.  I will keep everyone posted 🙂

Skinceuticals Advanced Brightening System