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Aug 29

Baby Feet KissWhile we always strive to provide the most relaxing and fun atmosphere for our patients, some still undergo anxiety from their dental visits. To offer the comfort of a positive dental experience, we offer several different options in advanced behavioral management. After completing the dental exam, Dr. Alice and the staff will discuss with you which option will be most appropriate should your child continue to be anxious.

Nitrous Oxide: Commonly known as “Laughing Gas”, nitrous oxide has been used in medicine and dentistry for 200 years. The gas is administered along with oxygen through a comfortable mask over the nose and exhaled gas is scavenged through a suctioning system. Your child will feel euphoric and happy while under the effect of nitrous. Some will even feel like they’re flying in the air like a carnival ride. At the end of the treatment every patient is given 5 minutes of 100% fresh oxygen so that by the time your child gets up from the chair, the effect of the nitrous would be completely reversed.

Conscious Sedation: During a conscious sedation appointment your child will be given an oral medication approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before treatment start time. The medication is always calculated according to the patient’s weight. During the actual treatment, children usually feel “goofy” and “foggy”. Some of them even get so comfortable that they take a nap during the dental procedure. During a sedation appointment your child’s vitals will be monitored continuously to ensure safety. Because the medication usually stays in the system for several hours, children will need to be escorted home and have limited physical activities for the rest of the day.

out and aboutHospital Dentistry: For patients who simply are too young for in office sedation or those who cannot cope emotionally with the amount of work that is needed, hospital dentistry under general anesthesia is a great option. General anesthesia appointments are scheduled in outpatient surgical centers. Dr. Alice will be accompanied by a physician anesthesiologist and a team of medical professionals to treat your child. The benefit of general anesthesia is that your child will be completely asleep and all dental treatments can be done in one appointment. As with any other surgery, your child may need to take an extra day off of school to recover.