Sealants and their benfits…

The biting surfaces of our molars (back teeth) are not perfectly smooth and flat.  Instead, there are many grooves and pits on those surfaces.  In children, it is often these areas that are most prone to decay as food, debris, and sticky particles can easily become trapped in the deep spots.  Also, some of these anatomical grooves can be so deep that it’s practically impossible for a child to keep them clean no matter how diligently he/she brushes.

Sealant is a protective coating that is placed over the biting surfaces of molars in a dental office.  The material is made of resin and is usually white so it blends perfectly into the tooth cosmetically.  Sealants provide a barrier between the grooves and the oral environment so nothings can get stuck in the pits.  At the same time, a tooth that has been sealed is much smoother, making it much easier for children to maintain their oral hygiene.





If you have any questions about sealants, please feel free to contact me at my office.


Side Note:  Recently there has been some concerns over sealants containing BPA.  In our Las Vegas pediatric dental office we use a sealant that is 100% BPA-free.  If your child has been treatment planned for sealants by your dentist, make sure they use a BPA-free brand in their office.