Traditional Braces

Traditional braces for kids offer a reliable, effective, and economical treatment that can resolve even the most complex orthodontic imperfections.  To make your experience better, our pediatric orthodontist provides braces that are smaller and lighter than the metal braces of the past.

Traditional metal braces are great for kids because they are:

  • Fixed-Cannot be misplaced or lost
  • Customizable – Flexible elastics offered in a variety of colors help you make braces your own
  • Effective – Facilitating quick, precise movement of the teeth
  • Beneficial – Provides your child a health, confident, lifelong smile


We’re proud to offer world-class traditional orthodontics services through our sister location – Summer Dental in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Schedule your orthodontics appointment through Summer Dental today, to achieve beautifully straight teeth with ease.

Traditional braces are still the most common type of orthodontic treatment. Our traditional braces for kids consist of metal bands and small metal brackets cemented to the teeth.

Braces will gradually move your child’s teeth through gentle forces exerted by the arch wire. This wire runs through all of the brackets to move all of the teeth as prompted by your pediatric orthodontist.

Your child should never have to deal with a smile that causes discomfort or embarrassment. A visit to your kids’ orthodontist can tell you more about your child’s unique needs.

Meet Your Doctor

Our dental team at Red Rock Kids Dental is dedicated to your child’s comfort and long-lasting oral hygiene. Dr. Alice P. Chen, DMD and and Dr. Noura Rezapour, DMD offer combined decades of pediatric dentistry experience, to help satisfy your child’s dental needs in a caring, comforting atmosphere.

Meet Your Dentist
Dr. Alice and Dr. Noura

Traditional Braces Offer Reliable, Effective Dental Alignment

Help your children remodel bone and tissue with traditional braces. Schedule your appointment today, to outfit your child with traditional braces no matter their needs.