Cavities in children are extremely common. Here’s the issue: most children are even more anxious than adults about dental fillings, root canal therapy, or dental implants and bridges. At Red Rock Kids Dental, we maintain a sealant process that’s both comforting and effective. Affordable and painless, our sealants can help your children eliminate the possibility of tooth decay before it becomes an issue.

During the placement of dental sealants:

1. Our dentists clean and dry your child’s teeth.

2. Enamel is roughened with an acid solution for bonding.

3. Our dentists dry the tooth again.

4. Sealants are painted onto affected teeth.



    Our pediatric professionals can apply dental sealants in only a few minutes. A tooth sealant may be the solution to avoiding costly and invasive dental work down the road.

    A tooth sealant works well for chewing teeth that have not yet developed cavities, but that may be showing signs of potential cavity development.

    If your child has narrow grooves in the molars where bacteria can easily accumulate, Dr. Charlene and Dr. Noura may suggest dental sealants. Cavities in children can be avoided with this simple preventative measure.

    A tooth sealant seals off these grooves where bacteria can potentially build. It blocks access to the grooves, and gives teeth an extra layer of protection against tooth decay.

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    Our dental team at Red Rock Kids Dental is dedicated to your child’s comfort and long-lasting oral hygiene. Dr. Charlene Mo, DMD and Dr. Noura Rezapour, DMD offer combined decades of pediatric dentistry experience, to help satisfy your child’s dental needs in a caring, comforting atmosphere.

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    Safeguarding your child's smile with sealants

    Dental sealants last long enough to prevent cavities on still-developing teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your children!