Early Dental Care

From the onset of your child’s primary teeth, Red Rock Kids Dental is committed to playing a large role in smile development.

Primary teeth – also known as the baby teeth – play an important role in your child’s smile development. Without baby teeth, your child cannot chew food or speak clearly. Baby teeth also guide the secondary teeth into place to establish your child’s bite.

Primary teeth play an important role in your child’s oral hygiene:

  • Allowing your child to maintain a varied diet
  • Encouraging clear pronunciation and speech habits
  • Providing your child with a healthy self-image
  • Guiding the appropriate emergence of permanent teeth


    Among a variety of other benefits, early dental care helps benefit children with missing or misaligned baby teeth. Noninvasive, affordable treatments available at Red Rock Kids Dental can help make lasting dental care an early priority in your child’s life. Far preferable to surgery, extraction or more complicated dental procedures down the road, the proactive nature of early dental care takes appropriate responsibility for your child’s oral hygiene.

    Every child is different. Some may feel fine during their first visit to the kids’ dentist, while others may feel more apprehensive. That’s why we work hard in Summerlin to create a warm, inviting environment, where children of all ages receive dental care from professionals who genuinely care.

    Meet Your Doctor

    Our dental team at Red Rock Kids Dental is dedicated to your child’s comfort and long-lasting oral hygiene. Dr. Charlene Mo, DMD and Dr. Noura Rezapour, DMD offer combined decades of pediatric dentistry experience, to help satisfy your child’s dental needs in a caring, comforting atmosphere.

    Meet Your Dentist

    Early Dental Care: The First Step In Your Child's Dental Health

    Early dental care - provided by Red Rock Kids Dental in Summerlin - helps your child achieve maximum oral health. Call us today to schedule appointments for your children!