Honorable mention in the Las Vegas Basset Rescue Facebook Page


Since we’ve moved to Summerlin a year and a half ago, we’ve adopted two rescue dogs.  Pandora is a Basenji mix that came to us a year ago from Adopt-A-Rescue.  We got Scrappy, a Corgi/Basset mix 6 months ago from Las Vegas Basset Rescue.  Both organizations really take care of the animals and have very simple and straight forward adoption process.

At the end of this month the basset rescue will have a garage sale.  Please feel free to contact them so you can be part of a great cause!

From left to right: Bianca (baby), Scrappy, Pandora

We take walks several times a week in the desert behind the Paseos village in Summerlin.  If you ever run into us don’t be too shy to say hi 🙂