Egg Hunt and Spring Break

Over the weekend I took baby to her very first Easter Egg Hunt at the Trails Park in Summerlin.  I couldn’t believe how many kids there were and we had a great time hanging out with Grandmother Kathy, Aunt Sandi, and Sandi’s little ones, Madison and David.  There was face painting, Spider Man, Cinderella show, petting zoom, plus a bunch of other activities for little ones.  I laid out a blanket for Bianca to hang out and she was happy and quiet the whole time just looking at all the different people and activities around and about.  Of course being a first time mom I totally forgot to put sunblock on her so we only stayed for about an hour.  Hopefully by next year she’ll actually be able to really enjoy herself.

Some interesting observations I made at the park:

1.  People who have expensive fancy strollers, such as the Orbit or the Bugaboo, only have one child.  People who have multiple children become more savvy and thrifty and spend less on baby gear.  (I have a Bumble Ride btw)

2.  There are plenty of thin and fit moms that have lots of children and plenty of heavier women who have only one.  It seems that having multiple kids doesn’t necessarily ruin one’s figure.

3.  Parents who have multiple children seem to be more organized and prepared.  They have every single item that a child can possibly need neatly packed in various types of bags. (Sunblock, snacks, water, hair elastic, sanitizing gel, wet wipes, hats, chapstick, band-aid, etc).  People who only have a child like myself packed lightly but forgot a lots of essential items.

Is it possible that I might better myself by having another child and become more savy, thrify, organized and prepared?  As I’m slowly weaning baby from nursing (not by choice, see earlier post), I assume my fertility is going to return at some point.  Maybe it won’t be too bad to have another one soon…