Daycare vs. At-Home Care

My mom has been generously giving us her time and took care of our baby for the past 3 months.  She’s due to go back to Taiwan in the middle of May so now we have to start looking for childcare.  For the past few weeks our plan was to find someone who will come to our house in the morning and leave after we come home from work.

This past Sunday I went to my good friend/neighbor/optometrist’s baby shower.  I met many working moms there who have had experiences with various types of childcare.  One mom told me her horror story of valuables disappearing from her house day by day.  Another mom told me that one day she came home unexpectedly in the middle of the day to find the baby, nanny, and 10 other strangers in her house lounging around.  The big anxiety I have is the nanny arriving late to our house in the morning.  If I can’t get to my Las Vegas pediatric dental office on time, I’m going to be so stressed out and probably losing more money than what I would pay the nanny.

Their advice for me is to find someone from another city who has no friends or relatives in town to be a stay-home nanny for Bianca.  That way she doesn’t have anywhere to go and all her belongings will be in our house, making it harder for someone to do anything shady.  This makes a lot of sense.  One of the girls from the shower is going to get me a number to call for the live-home nanny service.

In the meantime Matthew and I are checking out dayare centers in our area.  I went to look at Children’s Learning Adventure yesterday and thought it was very nice.  Later this week I’m going to check out Merryhill School and Kinder Care.  If we can’t find someone to come to our house at least we still have these places as back-ups.  Hopefully someone or something suitable will surface in the next couple of weeks.  I just want my little one to be well taken care of.


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