Breast Pumping Woes…

Over the past 2 months I have gone from having never heard of Le Leche League to becoming one who thinks about breast feeding/pumping/formula at least 10 times a day.  This whole nursing business is really a science in itself, a concept that would have been totally unimaginable to my pre-pregnant self a year ago.

I had been feeling great about nursing and pumping.  My little one latched on with no problem and milk supply seemed to have been adequate.  I pumped at work 3 times per day and always yielded enough for the next day.

My pumping woes began about three weeks ago.  No matter what I do I just can’t get my glands to let-down.  This would happen before every pumping session.  Eventually when I do let-down there is plenty of milk and it only takes 5 minutes for everything to come out.  The problem is that it takes 20 minutes of pumping to get a let-down and sometimes that isn’t even enough.

Most pediatric dentists in Las Vegas see about 20 to 30 patients a day.  While I still have plenty of time in my own practice since we just started a few months ago, when I’m working in Henderson it’s impossible to spend that much time pumping.  Yesterday I did 5 pumping sessions of at least 15 min. each and got 0.5 oz.  After I got home I let-down right the way and pumped 6 oz.  I know it’s important to try to relax but how could I when I know I have patients waiting to be seen?  And despite looking at baby picture/video/meditate about baby and milk/playing music; nothing seems to be helping.

We’re currently supplementing with formula for approximately 20% of her diet.  I’m hoping that things will change soon so I can continue to nurse her.  I have plenty of milk on evenings, nights, and weekends when I’m home but I know my supply to decrease if I am unable to pump at work.

I purchased a manual pump online yesteday so I can try to get a let-down with that then continue with the electric (read that online somewhere).  If that still doesn’t work I’ll probably have to stop breast-feeding pretty soon 🙁

This is the pump I bought, I’m currently using an Avent Dual Electric Pump.