Why Balance Bikes for Children are Better than Training Wheels…

Matt has always done a lot of bike riding and naturally can’t wait until Bianca is old enough to join him.  A few weeks ago we put a toddler seat on his bike so he can take her when he rides around the neighborhood.  I decided to purchase a little helmet for her at Broken Spokes, the amazing new bike shop next to my office that has just the most wonderful and comprehensive customer service.  I started chatting with their manager (who also has a toddler son) and was surprised to be told that it’s better for kids to learn how to ride a bike with a “balance bike” instead of with training wheels that all of us rode with when we were kids.  I couldn’t understand why at the time but I of course took his word for it.

This article published on Slate today shed some light on this topic and totally makes sense.  I hope this will help some of you in deciding what kind of bike to get for your child.


Bianca and Matt

Skuut Balance Bike for Age 2-5