Six Months Anniversary…

Our Las Vegas pediatric dental office has officially been open for six months now.  I’ve met so many nice families in the community since I have started my business and it gives me great pleasure to see all the happy smiles on my patients’ faces as they leave the office.  Most children that come surprise their parents in how wonderfully they handle everything that goes on during the dental visit.  Of course, we do get little ones from time to time that hate coming to the dentist.  After a couple more visits though they usually come around and realize that dental appointments are fun and nothing to be afraid of.

It took me a lot of thought and planning throughout last year to design the office that I envisioned.  Being single and childless for the first part of the year, I had all the time in the world to drive all over the city (dragging along hubby who was my boyfriend at the time) picking out paint, carpet, flooring, cabinets, tiles, granite, baseboard, furniture, etc.  It took tons of time and sweat but in the end I am ecstatic about the way everything turned out.

Here are my favorite parts of the office:

Reception Area:  I wanted a child-friendly waiting room that is fun for the kids but comfortable for the adults as well.  I myself really don’t enjoy sitting in an office staring at crazy cartoons and murals on the wall while listening to loud videos games playing in the background.  I imagine there must be some moms and dads who feel the same way I do.  Instead of video games, I got a LEGO table and a bunch of books so kids can play in a constructive manner without being too loud.  We also have really pretty floor pillows that kids can lay on while they’re waiting for sedation medicines to kick in.  To keep the pillows clean I put large stuff animals on them so nobody steps on them when not being used.  For the parents we have a flat screen TV and a bunch of current magazines (I still need to get more magazines for the Dads).  I also got a changing table for the bathroom to make it easier for families with little babies.


Waiting Room

 Equipments:  A lot of pediatric dental offices these day have dental chairs that are more like benches.  I find them uncomfortable for the little ones to sit in.  Even though it cost a lot more, I decided on good quality dental chairs with soft pillowy headrests from a high-end dental equipment company.  To this day I haven’t received a single complaint about my treatment chairs being uncomfortable so I guess my investment was worth it 🙂  Another area that I spent extra money on was my nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivery systems.  Instead of having a cart that rolls from room to room, my nitrous system is plumbed into every room so it could be hidden from view.  That way kids don’t become apprehensive from a bunch of weird looking machines when they come.


Our Dental Chair

Treatment Rooms:  Most modern pediatric dental offices feature an “open-bay” concept, where there are multiple chairs in one large room with patients from multiple families.  For me personally, I prefer to keep my medical information private and I definitely don’t like other people to see or hear me when I’m getting treatments done.  I therefore designed my office so that every room is separate so to respect the privacy of my patients.  In addition to the dental chair, I also put an extra comfortable chair in each treatment room for the parent.  Most of the bigger kids like to come into the rooms by themselves while the little guys and gals typically prefer to have their mom or dad in the room for the first visit.


Individual Rooms to Maintain Privacy

 Staff:  This is probably my favorrrrrite part of the office.  I met our office manager Judie when construction for the office first started.  Not only has she been a huge help in all the business stuff, her positive and upbeat demeanor really makes patients feel right at home.  Don’t be fooled by her niceness though, she’s as savvy as can be when it comes to dealing with insurance companies.  On more than a few occasions she helped our patients get reimbursed for treatments that were unfairly denied by their insurance companies.  My assistant Candace just started with us recently and already I’m impressed by her organizational skills and eagerness to learn.  Her gentleness and patience with kids have turned many teary eyes into smiley eyes.  I’m delighted to have her join our team!


Our Office Manager Judie

The past six months have gone by like a whirlwind.  Despite all the stress and emotional ups and downs associated with being a business owner, I’ve been very happy with our progress.  Hopefully we’ll get more and more patients in the months to come so I can relax a little bit more about our financial stability.  In the meantime poor Matthew will just have to work harder to support me, baby, and the puppies 🙂