Save an Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas

Pandora was adopted from Adopt a Rescue Pet about a year ago.  She was found wandering in the streets of Bakersfield.  Aside from being young and pregnant, she also had multiple wounds on her legs and face from human/canine attacks.  The volunteers at the adoption agency not only nurtured her back to health, they also took care of her newborn puppies and adopted them out.  A week after her puppies went to their new homes, we found her at the adoption event in front of Petsmart (the big one on Lake Mead and Rainbow) and took her home.  It’s been more than a year now and she has become an integral member of our family.  Despite her neurotic personally, utter abhorrence of water and rain, and insane need to hide underneath the bed all the time; we love her to death and give her hugs and kisses everyday.  For all the joy she has brought into our lives,we give our thanks to Adopt a Rescue Pet.

It makes me sad now that the organization is in trouble financially.  They own a 5-acre property where they house all the pets that come through the adoption process.  Earlier this year they were expecting a large donation from a private foundation, which unexpectedly went bankrupt.  Now they need to raise $70,000 to pay off the pending balloon payment on the mortgage.

If you have anything to give, please go to their website and make a donation.

Their predicament is explained in this article in the Summerlin View Newspaper this week.

Matthew, Pandora, and I looking for our house from Red Rock Canyons

Pandora posing in our living room