Resisting Double Stroller…

Now that we have two kids, everybody tells me how ESSENTIAL it is to get a good quality double stroller.  While I understand how it would be helpful to have one in certain situations, I’m fighting hard against making the purchase.  Here’s why:

1.  I love our existing stroller and paid a good chunk of change for it.  Just like all expecting moms, I spend hours and hours researching baby gear on the internet when I was pregnant.  After considering all the different features along with our specific needs, we picked the Bumbleride Indie.  I liked the very large adjustable sunshade which is very important for living here in Las Vegas.  The big all terrain wheels also make it easy to stroll over rocks, grass, and stairs so we can take it to the desert behind our house to walk the dogs.  I picked the orange color which is both attractive and unisex.  The back rest is fully adjustable so that the baby can sit up as well as lay all the way down, which has been very helpful for nap times.  The best part is that even though it’s a pretty heavy-duty stroller, it only weighs 19 pounds which can be folded and packed nicely in the trunk.  While we have used our stroller heavily for the past 20 months; at almost $500 I want to use it for even longer to get my money’s worth.

2.  Our garage is full of baby gear already.  In addition to the Bumbleride, we have a light-weight McClaren stroller that’s used exclusively for going to restaurants on the Strip because it can be folded into a thin stick and rest against the wall while we eat.  We also have a never-used Bugaboo that was a gift (I hate this thing because it consists of two components that need to be separated when packed into the car).  In addition to the three strollers we have a balance bike, a wagon, our own three adult bikes, boxes of diapers, garbage can, recycling bins, plus hubby’s tool chest.  I just don’t see how we’re going to be able to fit in one more big item and still be able to roll out everything else swiftly when we need to.

3.  I don’t like any of the double strollers on the market.  I definitely don’t want one that’s side-by-side due to the wide dimensions.  The front and back ones, I anticipate, can also become problematic when both children fight to sit in the front.  The Phil and Teds Verve seems to be pretty nice as the infant faces the parent.  But once it gets converted to fit two toddlers both kids have to face front.  Another option is to get a Sit-and-Stand.  Unfortunately I find all of them so unattractive that I would really like to avoid getting one.


Sit-and-Stand Stroller, looks useful but not very pretty

For now, we’ve been making things work by having my toddler sit in our normal stroller and the infant in our BabyBjorn.  Once my son can sit up well I intend to put both kids in the wagon (totally awesome, fully loaded with canopy shades, cup holders, all-terrain wheels, accessory bag, and seat cushions) and hopefully that will be enough until they can both walk long distance.

Bianca and Radio Flyer walking back home from Paseos Park