Pediatric Dentistry for Adolescents

Pediatric dentistry lends care to children from the ages of 6 months to 13 years of age. Children typically age out of pediatric dentistry when they receive all their adult teeth. Pediatric dentists play a pivotal role in your young child’s oral hygiene habits. 

Staying up to date

One of the main benefits of frequently visiting a adolescent’s dentist is having up-to-date dental records. This can help to determine the root cause of any problem and see where it may have stemmed from. 

Even more helpful is the ability to prevent common dental issues such as cavities. While cavities alone might not seem like a big deal, they can cause a lot of issues. One issue is gum disease, which can lead to more serious conditions down the road. 

Positive oral hygiene habits

Learning great oral hygiene tactics at an early age can prevent many common or serious dental issues. Luckily your adolescent dentist specializes in teaching young children to floss, brush and rinse properly. This will benefit them for years and can often help prevent multiple dental visits.

Best dental services for adolescents

Your kids can stand to benefit from the various dental procedures that you as an adult receive. These methods can help in the oral health development of adolescents, and can make oral health challenges easier to deal with now, rather than in their late teens. 

One of these methods is regular teeth cleaning. While it might seem sufficient to brush and floss, there is more that goes into cleaning than preventative care. Regular cleanings help to break up any excess plaque and keep your adolescent’s gums and teeth healthy. 

During a cleaning, your child’s dental health professional might take the opportunity to look for any cavities, or otherwise examine anything out of the ordinary. This can help prevent more major issues from erupting.

Adult teeth and baby teeth

While your child might lose teeth with age, their permanent teeth and baby teeth are going to do some mingling during the process. Since an adolescent won’t lose all baby teeth at once, it will be worth monitoring adult teeth progress. If your child is armed early with proper oral care, they can begin taking care of their adult teeth at an early age. 

The adolescent stage of your child’s development is a big deal, and a process that can take years to unfold. Your child will see the dentist frequently at this age, to ensure teeth continue to develop well. Their dentist will help them with a lot of issues that might not arise until an adolescent age, or older.

One issue which might arise with maturity is a need for braces, or other orthodontic solutions. While it might not always be apparent that a child needs braces, a seasoned regular dentist will be able to help determine needs. They can see the development of the teeth with age; at locations like Go Kids Dental & Orthodontics, pediatric dentists can even fulfill orthodontics needs in-house.

Proactive orthodontics can also help create a positive relationship between your child and their dentist. Your adolescent’s pediatric dentist is a resource for them to learn better oral hygiene care. After the age of 13, an adolescent will normally have all their adult teeth, and will often transition toward a family dentist or an adult dentist for ongoing care.

For optimal oral health, proper care needs to be in place to make sure your adolescent avoids losing their permanent teeth. Proper care will ensure they have fewer issues later in life, with less discomfort and fewer ongoing issues.

Why pediatric dentistry is different than general dentistry

While it might seem time to take your child to a general dentist, they still benefit from seeing their pediatric dentist well past the time they have their adult teeth.

A quality pediatric dentist should build up years of care for an adolescent. They should know their treatment plan, and be familiar with any issues an adolescent might have in the past. In addition, adolescents with a history of care from the same pediatric dentist are typically more comfortable with their health providers.

Pediatric dentists choose a specialty during their dental health education. They have the same knowledge as a general dentist, but with the added bonus of knowing all about children and adolescent dentistry. This is why it is beneficial for a pediatric dentist to see an adolescent past the initial development of adult teeth.

More benefits of adolescent dentistry

While it might seem trivial, there is a big difference between the way a general dentist and a pediatric dentist will treat a child. A pediatric dentist can actually specialize in dealing with screaming toddlers and moody teens that don’t want to cooperate. 

This means your child will not only be getting the best care available; they will also get the validation from their dentist that they need. This will help your child create a healthier relationship with their dentist. Instead of shuddering at the idea of going to the dentist, they will instead look forward to the visit.

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