Growth Chart…Is it really that Important???

I went to visit Dr. Duddy, our new pediatrician last week.  After plotting the Bianca’s height and weight the doctor is a little concerned.  For a 4 months old, her height is in the 40th percentile but her weight only 10th percentile.  We have been feeding her 4oz per serving 6 times a day and she usually loses interest in eating towards the end.  I had tried feeding her more but she always vomits if I stuff her too much.

Dr. Duddy would like us to start supplementing her formula with rice cereal and re-evaluate after one month.  He’s hoping that rice cereal will fatten her up a little bit as well as alleviating her problem with frequent regurgitation.

I went to Whole Foods on Saturday and bought a box of organic brown rice cereal.  I then put about 3-4 tsp into every bottle that I make for her.  The first feeding was interesting.  She was definitely sucking but it took the poor girl 20 minutes to drink only 1/2 oz.  I then realized that the concoction was so thick that the baby couldn’t suck out anything.  After cutting the nipples openings much bigger, she drank it super fast and seemed happy.  We’ve been giving her this new diet for the past 15 feedings or so and she seems to tolerate it well but still regurgitates frequently.

I am certain that by this time next month her weight will go up.  But this got me thinking:   Is it really that important to conform to the growth chart I’m sure this chart gets parents worried all the time.  Is it really that bad to be way bigger or way smaller than the “average” baby?  If the child is physiologically health, appears well-nourished, and hitting all her developmental milestones isn’t that enough?

I guess pediatricians just want to be careful and catch potential problems early.  I just think that we humans come in a variation of sizes which are all equally acceptable.  Eva Longoria seems to be just as healthy as Penelope Cruz who doesn’t look anymore healthy than Heidi Klum.  If there’s a child who is at 90th percentile are the parents told to feed the baby less?  I think not.

Anyway, we have decided to follow the pediatrician’s advice and see how it goes.  Hopefully she will want to start eating real food in another month so we won’t always have to supplement her formula.


She Looks Pretty Healthy, at least to Me

The Rice Cereal We Got