David Yurman Jewelry 10% Discount

For my birthday this year, my lovely other half got me a pair of earrings from David Yurman.  I’m usually not into jewelry at all and only wear my engagement ring on weekends.  I have to say though that these earrings are exactly my taste: small, understated, and not too showy.  I’m planning on wearing them everyday and I think they will look perfect with my scrubs.

To receive a 10% discount on David Yurman jewelry, Judith Leiber and Nancy Gonzalez handbags (super expensive art deco and exotic animal skin bags that I will probably never consider purchasing), simply buy or order them through Prosecco, the boutique store on the casino floor of Palazzo.  You will first need to register for a complimentary Palazzo Player’s Card in the casino.  Then the card will you get the discount at the boutique along with several restaurants and shops inside the Palazzo.  If you call from out of state and have the store ship the items to you you can save on taxes as well!

Have fun shopping!

My New Earrings