Back to the Gym after a One Year Hiatus…

Although I was never an exercise fanatic, I’ve worked out regularly 3 to 5 times a week since I was in college.  Even in my first trimester of pregnancy I went to the gym all the time and ran outdoors.  Everything stopped however during my second trimester.  I was tired all the time and just wanted to eat and sleep.

I have been fortunate to lose all the baby weight three months after having Bianca but my body looks nothing like it did before, especially my tummy area.  Now that she’s almost 5 months old it’s time for me to get in shape again!

Matthew and I joined Lifetime Fitness this past weekend down the street from my Las Vegas pediatric dentist office.  They have infant daycare which makes it convenient for us to go.  We also saw quite a few people we know including a couple of my patients 🙂  Our goal is to go every Saturday and Sunday and try to squeeze in a couple more sessions if we have free slots in the middle of our workday during the week.  We made a pact to never go in the evenings so the puppies won’t be neglected.

I went to a hot yoga class on Sunday (not Bikram, more like power yoga in a warm room) then did some weight machines yesterday.  None of that was very challenging but my body is achy everywhere right now.  I think it’ll take my body months to get conditioned again for exercising 🙁


 Lifetime Fitness Summerlin