Baby Root Canal

A pulp therapy or pulpotomy is performed when there is a large cavity that extends near the nerve in the middle of the tooth.  An opening is made after removing the cavity and a medication is placed directly into the nerve killing all the bacteria and infected tissue inside.  The baby tooth is then restored with a stainless steel crown.  Without the procedure, the tooth will become infected and abscessed.

We had a parent on Friday who was really worried that the pulpotomy is the same as a root canal on an adult tooth, which is actually a very common concern and a misconception.  I explained that its a super simple procedure and would only take about 5 minutes to complete.  The cute little boy ended up doing an awesome job and cracked all of us up with his giddiness while on laughing gas.

If you have any questions concerning nerve treatments on baby teeth, feel free to contact me at my Las Vegas pediatric dental office at (702)242-2436