Baby Boy Coming in 10 Weeks!!!

Matthew has been longing for another baby pretty much since our daughter was first born.  While I personally would prefer to wait a couple more years just to give ourselves a break, I guess it would be fun for the kids to be close in age so they can play together and participate in the same activities.  After trying for 5 months I finally got a positive result in October (I think it happened when we were in Hawaii).

This pregnancy has been quite trying compared to my last.  In addition to severe morning sickness, I had two huge episodes of bleeding with severe cramping while I was at work.  Dr. Brill diagnosed me as having a moderate/large subchorionic hematoma, a blood clot between the placenta and the uterus.  It is associated with a higher chance of miscarriage and preterm labor.  From the studies that I have read and some of the stories that other women have shared on internet forums, it seems that a lot of people miscarry around 20th to 25th week.  Even though my doctor assured me that things should turn out fine, I was still constantly worried.  In addition to pelvic rest, I put my gym membership on hold and really tried my best to avoid straining/exerting myself.

Now that I’m 30 weeks along I finally feel like I’m out of the woods.  I haven’t had any bleeding since January and all my OB visits have been perfectly normal.  I’m starting to get into my nesting phase and can’t wait to setup Bianca’s new room so her little brother can take over the current baby room.

There have been many topics that I wanted to blog about in the past few months but I just felt so distracted with everything that was going on with my pregnancy.  Over the next few weeks though I want to catch up so I can share with you all kinds of interesting info on teeth, fun kids products, etc.  So please stay tuned!


Bianca and I dressed up for Easter weekend in Palazzo