Another baby?

Last night, DH and I started talking about the timing of our second baby.  Matthew wants to have another one ASAP so our children can be close in age.  He thinks that if we wait too long we might as well just forget about it.  He even threatened to get a vasectomy at the end of next year.  I, on the other hand, just can’t imagine how I can possibly handle one more child anytime soon.

Last weekend we drove to Santa Barbara for our first family vacation with my 2 months old.  We stayed in a hotel that allowed pets and had a great time.  However, even with my mom with us on the trip, it was pretty intense handling two dogs and a baby.  I was holding the baby the whole time while Matthew and my mom were busy chasing down Pandora and Scrappy.  If we have another baby, I guess Matt and I will probably each take one baby and one dog??  But how can I bend down to pick up dog poop or wipe their paws when I have a baby in my arms?  I’ll have to ask some of the parents in the office how they do it.  After I hear other people’s success stories and tips maybe I’d feel more aspired to get pregnant again.


Baby and Scrappy in the backseat of our FJ